Children all ages: “Where in the World is Tia Juana Today?”
University Students: Analysis of development issues, thesis research, volunteering, internships
Read A Thon: A book, a chapter or a page per  kilometer of a portion of the trip you select. 


Old Jerusalem

Walls of Old City near Damascus Gate

West Bank Barrier outside Ramallah’s Qalandya Terminal.  In the bus direction Jerusalem.

Key Elementary Spanish Immersion School Arlington Virginia
Glasgow Middle School Alexandria Virginia
The American University 
NonViolence International
Bread for the World



Make Waves Campaign from NRDC actions to take at home and at school to save the environment and reduce global warming.

Experienced cinematographer Patricia Azuero produces everything from original productions with mentally challenged to Mediterranean regattas, environmental and development video documentaries.

Where in the World is Tia Juana Today?
Elementary to High School students can log on to' and find my location on a daily basis. Ask questions, learn about culture, current events, the environment. (link to NRDC's Green Squad and Make Waves)   enter logo

Video, photo and articles on geography, culture, social studies, information for teachers to use in their curricula. 

Teachers of any grade, access video and photo documentaries, articles and case studies of Changing things Right. Using the Resources page, link to educational sources on economics, geography, culture and efforts to impact economically marginalized populations, with environmentally and economically sound methods.

Read - A- Thon 

Participate in a Read-A-Thon, to raise funds for communities and Change Things Right. Community Service and English and Reading credits can be tacked up as you use any portion of Tia Juana's journey to Read A Thon. 

Read a page, a chapter or a book for every kilometer of a section of her trek. Sponsors fund the Grassroots Read A Thon Fund that the readers administrate themselves by making decisions about what activities depicted in the dreamtrapper web page are worth investing in.

Read at home or make it an after school club. Include a Read-Aloud component. Below are a variety of Read A Thon tools and templates including:

Log and Sponsor Sheets, Lesson Plans, communications tools in the Read A Thon Tools page.  Read A Thon Tools Page

Read about the issues in the countries that have been visited: the environment, markets, exports, current events. Link your new knowledge to the video, photos and stories Tia Juana sends to you for discussion. 

Read A Thon sample lesson plan, page amounts per grade and reading log Sample.


Schools That Might Join the Activities

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