Link Up, Read Up,  Act Up
Today’s youth and students, need causes and to be involved in promoting peace, economic equality, environmental preservation and awareness.  A way to keep them with an outward look to the world is to involve them in consciousness raising activities and volunteering at home or abroad.
Links here are for young people to explore their area of interest to get involved in their communities and open their minds to the possibility of traveling and volunteering at home and abroad.
The aware and connected youth of today are the peace and equality minded decision makers of tomorrow.
Links also exist for Universities with interdisciplinary  degree programs that link international development, peace, business and education.
Youth Activities
Chess for Peace
Non Violence International
Fair Trade 
Bread for the World
Natural Resources Development Council

Fair Trade Youth curricula

International Exchanges
Youth for Understanding
Nomura Center
Chess for Peace

MBA’s Without Borders

Universities with Peace Business and Development Studies
The American University
George Washington U.
Thunderbird University
Bringham Young 
School of International Training

Economic Development
SEEP Network
Katalysis Network

Link to development and microfinance institutions

Link to Peace 

Link to volunteering

Chess For Peace
Dr. Abdul Said, The American University School of International Service Director Center for Global Peace certifies for Europe certifies for the US / certifies for Switzerland certifies for the UK