Turn off your gameboy and X boy, come with me and read about culture, the environment, how children live, search for water, plant gardens, gather recycling, weave blankets, make kites from garbage bags and twigs.  Learn that life is strong and exciting in countries beyond the borders of your country. 

Understand the root causes of poverty, how to rebuild after a human or natural disaster, how to defy challenges through community work and solidarity... even with you across kilometers through cyberspace.

Guide children to activities and information that they can read about and increase their knowledge of geography, culture, current events, economy and trade.  

A Read A Thon Fund
A place to track their reading, make it fruitful and create a fund for activities identified during the travel is the Read A Thon Fund.  As communities are identified that need an investment, they can apply to the Read A Thon Fund.  The children decide about where to invest during real time discussions with me over the msn messenger.

Your advice is welcome.

All Students
From every county and every country, join the reading and interaction with children abroad. The students to invite are from every county and even every country.  This is an international effort that begins from Virginia to Argentina, and one day could be from Cairo to Capetown.  

Tools for Read A Thon:
Below are tools to set up the read a thon, lesson plan samples, track the reading.  Once the deposit site is defined, this will be posted.  Once you identify what community to invest it, you send in the contribution to the community group identified in the video exchange with them.

Communicate with me at all times at
reAD A THON TRAP A DREAM IN A READ “Read with me” say Alexander and Madeira, friendly neighborhood camels
Read A Thon ToolsRead%20A%20Thon%20Tools.html